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Towards a plastic free Kolkata

An initiative of Oakridge Foundation, The Beach Warriors,Masterpeace, Alliance Francaise Du Bengale, Travel World, Culture Monks & Rotary Club of Calcutta Midwest in association with Sasha Shop

Harvesting Plastic is a new quest – an urgent response to the non sustainable and mindless use of technology including single use plastic, to the detriment of this earthś environment and human existence.

As an evolution of the etymology of the word  ´harvesting´, it can now include the process of being responsible about the production, consumption and post consumptive handling of technological products including plastic and specifically single use plastic.

So we create a new ritual – a festival where we celebrate our relationship with technology and are ready to to responsible about its outcome in a manner where once again the positive energies will tip the balance in itś favour and bring prosperity, happiness and good health for the entire human race and this planet.

This is a project aimed at examining the usage of technology including plastic in our lives and the environment crisis caused by our indiscriminate and mindless use of technology including plastic waste & finding ways to replace or reduce the use of plastic and also cleaning up dry plastic waste.

Here we will start a process of picking & suitably disposing,single use plastic waste in various parts of Kolkata and initiate a civilian led movement to stop the use of single use plastic in Kolkata.

We will be using art intervention, social activism, voluntarism including monthly cleanups to achieve our purposes.



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